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Kenpo Karate

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  At Tracy's YOU are our most important consideration. Most group instruction is geared to the middle or average level, thus slowing optimum progress of those above and below the middle. With individual instruction, you're never average at Tracy's


  What do you suppose the instructor/student ratio is at most martial arts schools? Fifty to one, twenty to one, ten to one? At Tracy's it's ONE TO ONE! You receive private instruction, which enables you to progress at your own pace, focusing on your own individual traits so that you learn at the pace that's right for you. You have your own personal tutor, whose only interest is in helping you achieve your goals.


  Your private instruction will be supplemented by group classes. This is where you will combine the material you learn in your private lessons with practice involving other students. Only Tracy's offers this unique combination of private and group instruction, which helps you get the most out of your training.


   You'll be amazed at how much you can learn in a private lesson. You won't be thrown into a group situation with advanced students, where you have no prior experience.


   You will start right out learning practical self-defense techniques that you can really use. You'll learn first hand what's required of you from a physical and time standpoint, and you'll be able to personally evaluate the quality of your instruction.


   Here's a way for parents to actually find out if this kind of activity is right for their children without the long term commitment of time and money required by many martial arts studios.


   At the same time during this session we will have the opportunity to evaluate your abilities and get to know you personally, before you are approved for advance training in the martial arts. We'll evaluate your progress, your strengths, your weaknesses, and give you an honest appraisal of your potential.


   Kenpo employs linear as well as circular moves, utilizing intermittent power when and where needed, interspersed with minor and major moves which flow with continuity. It is flexable in thought and action so as to blend with encounters as they occur.


   Whether it is for self-defense on the street or the challenge of weak muscle control, lack of self-confidence, weight problems or the competitive drives, the TRACY system is able to achieve success for the individual.

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