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          Practical Self Defense and Crime Prevention Awareness

          Learn a Skill That May Save Your Life In The Future

          A Socially Acceptable Way of Dealing With Stress

          Self-Confidence Through Improved Skills and Physical Fitness

          Conditions Your Reflexes

          Tones Your Muscles

          Significant Aerobic Benefits

          Improves Balance, Coordination, and Flexibility

          An Activity In Which All Members Of The Family Can Participate and Advance Together

          A Lifetime Sport For All Ages

          Meet New People In An Atmosphere Of Fun and Fitness


Self Defense: Martial arts training increases your concentration and awareness, so that you can be in control of your mind and body at all times, and also be acutely sensitive to the factors in the environment that need your attention.


Mental conditioning is a vital part of training at Tracy's. Techniques for concentration and alertness help the student develop his visual and auditory range to an extraordinary power of sensitivity, so that he perceives the approach of danger before it strikes.


Size and sex are no barriers. A woman can master the art of self-protection as effectively as a man, and live free of fear. A youth or man of slight build can down a stronger opponent, or combat several at a time.


Stress Control: At Tracy's you learn to train your body to help control your response to stress. This includes both learning to control the stress response, and how to alleviate its harmful effects.


Physical Conditioning: Tracy's students develop strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. This is not merely kicking and punching well, but the perfection of body and mind, a merging of the two into one effective force. Martial arts participation burns more calories per hour than playing soccer, handball, or jogging.

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